Wk 6 activity: counterfactual identity (late post)

So today I walk around campus with black pants and a black hoodie with the hood on (it was very hot today so I stood out to people). I walked up to a random girl today and asked her what her name was. She was really hesitant to tell me but ended up telling me anyways; her name was Anne. I asked her what she thought my major was and she said art. Then I asked her what she thought about me. She kind of laughed and said I’m not sure I really don’t know you. So then I told her this was a project and that I dressed odd on purpose. Then I re-asked her the questions I asked before and she said she human development because of this project. She also said she didn’t even think I went to school there so that’s why she was being vague with me, she was intimated. Other people when I was walking around didn’t stare a lot but they did glance over at me multiple times. 


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