Wk 7 artist interview: Alanna Marcelletti

Alanna grew up in LA and received her BFA for drawing and painting in 2007 at CSULB. She works as a part time librarian here while she also works her art career. I love this piece she created which represents her struggles in life right now. She is recently getting a divorce, selling her house, and going through some deep struggles. There is a white rabbit depicted in this piece which represents her biological clock. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, is climbing up to the house which represents a need for domestic setting. At the bottom of this art there is a bunch of cushions which symbolize for when children make forts for comfort, meaning a place for comfort and safety. Her plans are to rent a studio with a fellow art friend and to hopefully live the dream of an artist. For this piece she used canvas, acrylic, magazine cut outs, and anything she could find around her house. Her inspirations are cartoons and Japan, since Japan comes from a big art history background.


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