The art I chose from the LACMA are  my favorite types of art. They include bright colors, oil paint, and more of an abstract kind of look. These were the only two types of art like these that I came across.
This piece is abstract but at the same time displays realistic human body parts. The shape of the man’s body parts are similar enough to real body parts. The outlining of the man is not actual lines but shaded sketch marks. I love that the colors are what outlines the body. It looks like to me that this is a male who is flexing his arm. This could possibly represent the dominant viewpoint of men or maybe even the conceitedness men have about themselves.

This piece is a lot more abstract than the other. It also includes colors like the other but more darker colors. The painting looks like to me, smoke or some sort of aroma in the air. The description, however, says this is order made from chaos. This painting’s lines are more distinct than the other painting.



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