Wk 2 artist interview: Oscar Mendoza

Oscar Mendoza is in his last semester here at CSULB as an art major. His art gallery included multiple charcoal drawings of people which he collaborated with other artists including, Romina Del Castillo. Two of the drawings he had his girlfriend pose for him. The other ones were random photos he took and then drew them out. Each drawing took two weeks to create. Other people helped him draw the artwork. He chose charcoal because it was simple and easy. His inspiration to his art is his grandfather who was also an artist. His grandfather painted comedy artwork. Oscar is initially from Mexico City.

This is my favorite piece Romina Del Castillo created because I can see the reality in it.  It makes me wonder what this woman was thinking and doing.


This is Oscar’s favorite piece because of the composition and the shapes. He also likes the fact that this man was not of importance.


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